5 Days to 5 Figures
Attract, Find, & Create Money So You Can 5X Your Cashflow Before the Year Is Over!
Live Virtual 5 Day Bootcamp
( value $197 )
For only $47!
5 Day Bootcamp: The Repeatable "Set Up + Blow Up" System to 5X Your Visibility ANY TIME YOU DESIRE
On-Demand  5 Day Bootcamp
( value $197 )
For only $37!
Join me for 5 Focused Days and I’ll Support You to Attract More Money In Your Life, Find Opportunities Around You for More Cash, And Then Give You Everything You Need to Create More Income So You Can Feel Confident Investing Back Into Your Business like the Badass CEO you are!

 AND All for only $47… but only for the next 48 hours!
Hey Awesome!

For the next 2 days, I’m offering you a massive 76% Savings on my "5 Days to 5 Figures" Virtual Bootcamp. This is something like I’ve never done before and includes a way to work with me in an intimate group AND get instant feedback on everything you need to attract, find, and create money in your business and life, in a way that fits YOU and your business.

This is a 5 Day experience and your access to not only LEARN but also SHOW UP while we work hand in hand together on your cash making in your business, and it’s exactly how I love to support my clients… easy to implement smart strategies, energetic approach, and high touch support… and for you, it's only $47, only for 2 days during this special CYBER MONDAY Flash Sale!

I’m offering this sale for a few reasons…

1. Because if you're like most of my students, you're ultra committed to growing your business and you know that to do that, you have to invest in your business. But sometimes, you might feel like, despite wanting to invest, you don't quite HAVE the cash to do so. This bootcamp will support you in creating the cash you need so you can then re-invest back into your business to go to an even HIGHER level!

2. I’ve been looking for a way to give more support for my amazing community, and this bootcamp is going to give you more empowerment and strategy than most courses out there! (my clients' words, not mine) so you can step up as a badass entrepreneur, have your bank account reflect your growth, and keep rising - even before 2018 is over!
Here's what You'll Get
Each day we will dig into the why, the how, and give an assignment to work on so you can get into ACTION as fast as possible to attract, find, and create the cash and see actual results in your life and business!

→ DAY 1 (Wed, Nov 29 @ 11am PST) — Rock-Solid Vision for Growth. We kick things off by asking the question: Where are you repelling money, opportunities, and abundance, and how can we turn that around to make it an ATTRACTION generator? We start by uncovering what's been stopping you from being at a level you want to be, whether it's at consistent $1k, $5k, $10k, or more per month... and how can we create an intention for you to create what you desire. The #HeartBehindHustle way.

→ DAY 2 (Thurs, Nov 30 @ 11am PST) — Amplify your Perception to Attract More Abundance.  Then we dig into what's going on. We up the levels of your attraction muscles so that you can attract the right opportunities your way so you can finally bring yourself to receive the money and abundance you desire, so you can be put in the space of continuing to grow your business like the badass CEO you are!

→ DAY 3 (Fri, Dec 1 @ 11am PST) — Amplify your Opportunities to Find The Money. It's so easy for us to become blinded when we are in the space of having to do all the things on our own. That's why we will uncover some areas where you might have been overlooking ways for you to find the money to support you in growing your business. This is what I do to cleanse my life and find what I need, so I can invest back into the next level.

→ DAY 4  (Sat, Dec 2 @ 11am PST)— Amplify your Strategy to Create Money & Opportunities. Once we have the essential areas cleansed and sourced, we can dig into the creation part. Most people skip the attract & find phases and want to go right into the creation, but this is wrong! The reason why is because, without these previous stages, creation does not LAST! And if you're like any of my clients, you want to create a rock-solid sustainable business. That's why we move into this here.

→ DAY 5  (Sun, Dec 3 @ 11am PST) — Create a Foolproof Attraction & Creation System for Growth. Lastly, we put all of the things together into one rock-solid system that works each time to create either a cash injection or a cash uplevel in your business and life. This way you can either rinse and repeat each time you need to get this backup and running, or uplevel your mind to create even more still.

Now, I could easily sell this for $200+ (The last group program I offered was $1997) but I want to see you living your PASSION and have the cashflow to reinvest back into your business, so for the next 2 days, you can grab this bootcamp for ONLY $47 (Save 76%!) 
And if the 76% Savings isn’t enough cause to celebrate… 

I’m throwing in THREE over the top bonuses worth $197+!!!

 During these next 2 days, you’ll also get access to…
Five (5) Email Swipe Files for More $$
Ever feel like you’re missing out on opportunities to get more money in, and enroll clients, because you’re not actively reaching out? These templates will make it easier for you to craft your emails to reach out to ideal folks who will love to get on the phone with you (and buy).
(Value $67)
Your Authority Status Confidence Booster
In this virtual audio training I will share with you how to overcome your visibility fears and step into your confidence so you can show up fully and confidently and lead your prospects into becoming your clients and fans.

(Value $47)
Enrolling Spreadsheet for Dream Clients
This is a spreadsheet I personally use and have only previously shared it with my high-level mastermind clients so they can easily and consistently get booked SOLID with dream clients, whether it’s for their 1:1 services, group programs, or other services and offerings.

(Value $47)
(The Total Value of this 5 Day Virtual Bootcamp Package is $197) Yours today for just one payment of $47!
Kamila's on a Mission
After starting with online marketing at 12 years old, I know what it takes to successfully grow a passion-driven business without feeling like a pushy salesman or a slimy "Internet Marketer." I've helped hundreds of clients and customers expand their authority brands online, grow their tribes, and multiply their incomes. And now, I have a commitment for everyone I work with to not only cross the six figure mark, but to reach multiple six figures in their business. I didn't know it'd ever be possible for me, but I made it happen and I know you can do it, too.
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