IMPORTANT: This is your TIME SENSITIVE OPPORTUNITY to create more income, easily enroll and retain high paying clients, and become indisposable to them (so they want to work with you for months and YEARS to come), by offering Facebook Ads Management as a service. This is the one and ONLY time I will be sharing how I did it (so you can too!). 
For A Limited Time, I'm Revealing Exactly How I Became a Six-Figure Earning Facebook Ad Manager (Kinda Accidentally) And How You Can Bring in More Income in Your Business By Offering Facebook Ads Management Services (Even if You're NEW in Business!)
IMPORTANT: This is the first and ONLY time I will be sharing the information around growing a successful Facebook Ads Agency in this workshop bundle. If you want to bring in more income into your existing business, or start a new one, make sure you join in so you can learn.
Facebook Ads Are In High Demand... But Most Entrepreneurs Don't Know How, and Don't WANT to Know How, to Do it Themselves!
Let me guess: You're a tech savvy entrepreneur who KNOWS you've got a lot to offer. 

You've probably been seeing entrepreneurs online talk about Facebook Ads this, Facebook Ads that... and it seems like people are wanting to hire FB Ads Managers all the time! Or is it just me? (psst.. It's not!)

Facebook Advertising has been, and continues to be, a HIGHLY sought after service. 

First of all: most entrepreneurs know they are not tech savvy enough to want to learn the platform. 

Second of all: most successful entrepreneurs know that their time is incredibly valuable - and they are not willing to learn, and stay updated, with something they don't technically NEED to know - like, Facebook Advertising (because yeah, the platform DOES change all the time!), when they can just outsource it (that's where you come in, btw).

Third of all: creating and keeping Facebook Ads clients can be one of the easiest ways for you to create more cashflow, as these are the clients that often stay with you for not just months, but YEARS (if you want to keep them, that is) because the need for Facebook Ads usually don't happen just once - it's a recurring need that comes up all the time. Every time your client wants to launch a new offer - they will need Facebook Ads support. Every time your client wants to set up and run traffic to a new sales funnel - they will need Facebook Ads support. Every time your client wants to get more seen online, maybe they just got featured in a media article or something - 

They. will. need. Facebook. Ads. support. (Read: YOU! They will need YOU!)

Whether you've been running Facebook Ads for years on your own, or you haven't done it all that much, when you focus in and sharpen your skills, and understand HOW to become an excellent Facebook Ads Manager FOR CLIENTS, you can be come a total rockstar that not only generates incredible client results - but also brings in the kind of cashflow that makes you FINALLY feel that freedom you crave!

Here's my quick rap sheet as it relates to Facebook Ads:
>> Been running Facebook Ads for clients for 5 years.
>> Spent nearly $1 MM in ad spent over the years.
>> Created a six-figure earning Facebook Ad Agency.
>> Scaled my agency to run on its own, with minimal support from me, except on the things I was absolutely best at.
>> Clients scaled their agencies in a way that supported THEM doing what they most LOVED doing - and nothing else.
>> And much more....

But you don't have to have any of these credentials to benefit from this workshop. 

In fact, it's ideal if you have much less experience (or none at all) because this will make you the most malleable and coachable to get the BEST results, THE FASTEST way possible. (Because you won't try to fight me on my suggestions, ya dig?) 😜
You're a perfect fit to join me in this On-Demand Workshop Bundle, if....
  • You want to start your own Facebook Ads Agency business.
  • You have an existing Facebook Ads agency business - and want to grow/scale it so it's profitable and generates more cashflow on a predictable basis.
  • You have an existing business and want to start (potentially) including Facebook Ads management as one of your new service offerings - so you can bring in more clients and cash, using this highly-sought after service today.
You can leave this page right now, if...
  • You want results without putting in the work. You aren't willing to invest in your growth.
  • You are 100% content with where you are, how much money you're bringing in, what kind of clients you're working with (and how you're serving them), and don't want to change anything at all in your life or business to make it better.
Are You Ready to Become an Authority-Level Facebook Ad Manager (And Grow Your Own Six Figure Facebook Ad Agency)
🔥 How to incorporate Facebook Ad Management into your current services (or start your business from scratch) - pricing, packages, etc
🔥 How I got started doing FB ads in my business
🔥 What were the packages I started including
🔥What were the packages I ended up using + continued to use
🔥How to bring on Clients in a seamless way so they’re happy right from the start (and automate most of the process so it’s mostly hands-free!)
🔥Client Onboarding (the process I took clients from phone call to running ads)
🔥Sample Client Agreement I used (BUT HEADS UP - I'M NOT A LAWYER, YO!)
🔥Understanding and delivering on client expectations - what do clients get to see? Reporting, etc.
🔥What you need to start getting Facebook Ad Management clients 
🔥How I got 80% of my clients for this service
🔥How to get seen and known as an authority-level Facebook Ad Manager
🔥Creating additional revenue in your agency
🔥Scaling the agency to six figures (without becoming married to your laptop)
Everything in the bundle will be accessible instantly upon purchase. Yay!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the Facebook Ads Manager Workshop?
A: This is a special recorded online workshop, where I will walk you through the steps I took, and the things I learned, as I started and grew my Facebook Ads Agency into the six figure mark. There will be many modules within the workshop, and you will receive ALL recordings of the online class immediately upon purchase. These are the things I have never shared publicly before because I don't necessarily want to known as the Facebook Ads Agency person. 

Things such as: contracts, onboarding process, management systems, project management, hiring (and firing!), reporting, pricing, packages, client enrollment, and much more. LOTS OF STUFF, YO! 
Q:  Who is this for?
A: This workshop is perfect for the entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to bring in Facebook Ads Management as a service offering (or someone who is ALREADY doing it, but isn't seeing very good results yet). 

We'll be talking about many effective strategies for creating, growing, and scaling an agency - so if you offer other services on top of FB Ads, I bet this will be very valuable, and easily applicable, to you too.
Q: How is this different from other programs out there?
A: Well, here's the thing. I'm think this is an interesting case here, because I had a successful Facebook Ads Agency, and I made the decision to step away from building a big agency in lieu of a new direction that lights me up in a bigger way. So I have no intention to grow my own big agency anymore, and there is therefore NO USE for me to NOT teach you ALL the things I know. Literally, ALL THE THINGS I know, that helped me to start and grow this arm of my company. 

I also have no interest in coaching or mentoring people privately on how to start or grow your agency, so this isn't one of those workshops where I tell you *some* of the things but then to find out more you have to work with me. It's just not what I'm interested in doing as my business moves in a new direction where I focus mostly on personal brands, leaders, and coaches as an ideal client base. 

So I have nothing to lose - but you have SO much to gain. I don't know anywhere you'll be able to learn THIS much goodness without having to pay $1000s for it.
Q:  What is your refund or guarantee policy?
A: I am 100% committed to supporting you in increasing your cash flow and finally making marketing and money-making simple and speedy. That being said...

This is a refund-free zone. Partially because I know that I show up 1000% fully and give a million times more value, availability, and support than any other coach out there (trust me, I've invested A LOT in coaching). I genuinely put A LOT of time, thought, effort, and planning into knocking the experience out of the park for you.

And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. Deal? Let’s pinky promise! Put in the effort, follow through with the system I teach you, and we will create success together.

It's also partially because I believe in Money Karma and that we must own our buying decisions and actions, recognizing that they impact others beyond just ourselves. Just as you would not buy food to make dinner, then take the food back when you decide not to eat dinner, you should treat service businesses with the same respect. It's just good Karma.
Q:  What is the investment? Are payment plans available?
A: To join is just one payment of $297. 
Q: How long will I have access to the content for?
A: You will receive a recording of the workshop so you can review as needed. You will also receive lifetime access to the materials I will share with you on how to deploy the strategies I'll share with you.
Q:  So why is it $297 for this workshop?
A: Most people who teach how to start or grow a business, down to the details and level of transparency I'll reveal in this workshop, would charge at least $1997 for a workshop like this. But, as I said above, I have to do this workshop anyway, AND I have no intention of being known as THE person for FB ads agencies...  So, I figured you might as well want to check the workshop out LIVE as I do it, plus get support in asking questions (and hearing my answers) as we do it.
Q: What if I still have questions?
A: You can send me an email directly by emailing - this is my personal email address. xo
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