Free Training for Coaches and Online Service Providers

How to Book Your First or Next 10 Clients Without Feeling Guilty for Charging What You Deserve

Learn the method I used to book $1M+ in my service-based business while working only 20 hrs a week... 

... without cold messaging strangers, building complicated funnels, or spending all day on social media.


By the end of the training, you will KNOW...

  • How to start booking paying clients within 1-2 weeks even if you don't think you're "ready"
  • How to stop feeling awkward when asking for the sale and have your ideal clients feel EXCITED to pay you instead
  • ​​How to make sales feel effortless and easy even if you're not a natural sales person (I was terrified of sales when I was starting out and now it's easy as pie, I'll share why!)
  • Why "trying to be everywhere" on social media is a waste of time (Sorry Gary V) and what to do instead if you want to build a sustainable business online
  • ​Why "charge what you're worth" is horrible advice and what you need to do instead 
  • Know how to shortcut your way to booking clients online without a big audience, an established brand, or even a website

Once you watch the full training, I'm excited to hear from you about how your business shifts toward booking consistent clients :)


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Who is Kamila Gornia?

Kamila Gornia, founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, has been coaching entrepreneurs to book consistent clients since 2014 and has helped many reach six figures in yearly revenue.

She believes that the best way to a sustainable business is to create it in alignment with your vision, values, and personality. She is anti-sleazy tactics, pushy or pressure-based sales, and is passionate about helping others feel natural at sales and marketing so they can show up without burning out, and attract the perfect clients who are excited to pay them - no matter what they charge.

Kamila has been seen on Forbes,, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others.

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