Aligned Events Mastery Course
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The full Aligned Events Mastery course could be sold for $997. 

However, we've decided to do something special. You can get the full course - without any live component (no Q&A's or group coaching or community) - where you get all the content for you to dig into right away... at the "Just the Course" price of $297.

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Aligned Events Mastery is a 3-module digital course with video lessons that go into how to plan, create, and run a profitable live event in your business (even if you've never done it before). 
Phase 1: Plan It!
- Setting the Right Strategy for Your Event
- Finding the Monetization Plan
- Setting Expectations
- Team Building
- Planning the Event Details & Logistics

Phase 2: Fill It!
- Making your Event a HECK YES to Attend
- Filling the Event with Ease
- Creating Marketing Materials Necessary to Promote Effectively 

Phase 3: Crush It!
- How to Structure Your Actual Event
- Making Your Event Extra Special
- Running the Event - Day Of
- What Happens After the Event
What's Included in Your Access?

The full Aligned Events Mastery system (value $997)

You will receive all the video lessons in the three-part system for hosting your own aligned events in your business. This system follows the Plan it! Fill it! Crush it! sequence and will take you through everything you need to know to plan, create, and run your own events. 

The COURSE also includes LIFETIME access to video lessons, MP3 audio versions, and transcripts so you can watch, rewatch, and study any time you desire!
Your Purchase Also Includes...

Bonus: Worksheets, Workbooks, Templates (value $197)

You will start by watching the training videos and then go into worksheets, workbooks, and templates we created just for you so you can wrangle your ideas together, bring them to the light, and have a concise and clear path to follow to bring total clarity to running and marketing your fantastic event! 

Bonus: Promote Your Business at OTHER Events (value $97)

A great way to meet people who enjoy attending events... is to go to other events! Going and attending other industry events will get you in front of the right people to attend YOURS too! Plus there are specific ways you can maximize these events and conferences to grow your business beyond just getting them to attend your own events. I share the details in this expert guide. You'll love it!

Bonus: Overcome Your Fears of Public Speaking (value $197)

Scared of public speaking? What about getting visible in general? No worries. I've created a training for you where we will walk through overcoming your visibility fears, and getting you to shake hands with your fear of public speaking. Did you know I used to be TERRIFIED of public speaking? This is mostly mindset and energy. We'll help you bust through these blocks so you can show up like a confident speaker!

Bonus: Entrepreneur Storyteller Bootcamp (value $197)

This bonus course will take you through how to effectively tell your story so that you can make your event even more powerful for your attendees. As humans, we connect through storytelling. No one cares about just the how-to's, we all yawn at watching endless tutorials. But we want to feel inspired, empowered, moved - your story can do that. Here's how to inject storytelling into your business - and events.

This is a 4-module bonus course delivered via expert guides, action plans, and checklists.

Bonus: Heart-Fueled Sales Fundamentals (value $197)

If you haven't been successful at sales and enrollment in the past, this training will help you step into doing sales in a way that is aligned and heart-fueled so you can effortlessly enroll dream clients into your programs whether it's at events, during webinars, organic social media posting, or any other sales conversation. 
Total Value = $1,785
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This course might be sold for the full price of $997 soon. Don't wait and join us today while this is available.
RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! When you join the course and go through the first module and are unsatisfied 
or feel like this is not a good fit, just email us within 14 days with proof of completed work in Plan It! module 
and we will refund you right away. (Downloading all content in the platform and then requesting refund will void this refund policy)
If you're ready to run live events in your business, this is your time! Make your impact known in-person and make your it profitable.
You will get INSTANT access to the course member platform with all video lessons. Bonus materials will be available in the member platform after March 15th, 2019. If you are for any reason unsatisfied, just email us within 14 days of purchase showing proof of having completed the Plan It! module workbook and we will refund you 100%.