Powerfully boost your message, your money, and your mailing list in 90 days
(and get seen, known, and paid as an authority in your space - even if you're new!)
To have a profitable heart-centered online business, there are certain things you MUST be able to do: 
  • Be SEEN as an authority 
  •  DELIVER high quality content 
  •  CULTIVATE an audience
  •  SELL your services with ease
Be Seen as an Authority
Your work is unique. Your style is dynamic. Your voice is OH SO NEEDED in your (online) space. 
And obviously you’re doing great work. Treating your clients and customers like gold. And pouring your heart, soul and hustle into blog, Facebook and Instagram posts.
To do these 4 things, there are 4 million different things you can do. 

From sending regular newsletters to guest posting, creating a YouTube page to starting a podcast, creating a webinar funnel or selling a physical product, the LIST GOES ON. 🤯

But before you get overwhelmed and throw your MacBook...

... there’s something you should know.
There’s one marketing strategy that when executed correctly can do ALL FOUR of the things above and get you EPIC results. 
It’s called a VIRTUAL SUMMIT and it’s thebomb.com.
VIRTUAL SUMMITS are a strategy I’ve been employing in my business for years and the technique I credit for creating a 6-figure business in just 14-months. 
Whether you’re brand new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur looking to spice up your strategy, the Business Famous Summit, is for you.
You and I both know that building a business takes time but that doesn’t mean that your marketing can’t be EFFICIENT. (You’re one of those people who listens to podcasts at 1.5x speed, right? Me too.) 
Let me guess, you're either...
You’ve been doing this for a while and you’ve...
  • Crafted a zillion and one blog posts, but the subscribers only trickle in by the tens (if at all).
  •  Stayed up til all hours of the night, feverishly responding to Facebook PMs from possible ideal clients with barely any success
  •  Thrown some moolah into paid traffic like Facebook ads... only to sigh with utter frustration and/or confusion every time you check your stats and realize nobody’s converting.
You’re newer to online business and you’ve…
  • Spent hours upon hours writing epicly witty Instagram captions (with several carefully-curated hashtags) with no sales in sights.
  •  Blown up your Facebook feed with helpful tips and tricks but only your mom is liking them.
  •  Wondered “how the heck does this all work?” You have a message to share but actually getting it to the right people seems IMPOSSIBLE. You're starting to feel quite a bit discouraged.
You want a strategy that PUTS YOU ON THE MAP. Where your effort PAYS OFF. Where you can SHOW UP, SHARE YOUR HEART, AND MAKE DIFFERENCE.  
So, why the hell is it so damn hard? 

Because the internet isn’t as easy as it used to be. Plain old “creating content” isn’t enough. 

It’s time to create community, contribution, and CONNECTION. 

It’s time to create your own Business Famous Summit. 
By creating your Business Famous Summit, you can: 
  •  Give massive value to your audience AND connect with the audiences of major influencers at the same time.
  • ​Rally together thousands of your ideal clients and people who align with your message – without just slaving away over writing blogs, Instagram posts and god-knows-what-else.
  • Build strong, genuine partnerships with power players in your niche (and maybe some lifelong BFFs to boot)
  • ​Add hundreds or thousands of “hot” leads to your list (without running any Facebook ads)
  • ​Finally make a name for yourself in your space, in mere months instead of years
  • Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line through a Business Famous leveraged launch for your courses, programs, or one-on-one offerings
Be Seen as an Authority
Your work is unique. Your style is dynamic. Your voice is OH SO NEEDED in your (online) space. 
And obviously you’re doing great work. Treating your clients and customers like gold. And pouring your heart, soul and hustle into blog, Facebook and Instagram posts.
The Business Famous Summit Formula is a 5-week multimedia step-by-step program that teaches passion-driven entrepreneurs the fastest and most effective way to blow up online, connect with influencers and finally be recognized as the experts they are: hosting virtual summits.

NOT the icky, weird, outdated way... but the heart-driven impactful way.

With heart and hustle. 


Hi, I’m Kamila Gornia, digital marketing strategist for modern, passion-driven entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid for doing what they love online, so they become leaders in their space and blow up online with their message.

Hosting virtual summits is the number one thing that helped me grow my business to six figures and become a go-to expert around list building in just 15 months.
Virtual summits (telesummits) helped me lock down my biggest launch at $160k and my first $20k month 
Virtual summits helped me explode my list with very little (almost no) paid advertising - like: growing it by thousands in 2 weeks
Virtual summits have upped my entrepreneurial game and connected me with major influencers and experts in biz AND life (holy transformation, Batman!)
Every time I run a virtual summits , I add at least 1,500+ HOT quality leads to my pipeline, and dozens of buyers. Yum!
Let me show you behind the scenes of the first year of my business. While I "started" in April, I didn't really START until October. That's when I really committed. 

BUT, I had no money for ads, I had just invested the most money I've ever invested in coaching (five figures that I DID NOT have! Yikes!). I was starting from scratch, completely bootstrapped. 

So, I did two telesummits.

See these spikes? They not only resulted in a spike in my LIST SIZE but also in the REVENUE that followed - I was able to launch (and SELL OUT) group programs and offers that resulted in up to $78K in sales - without running a single Facebook Ad!

All with telesummits! Imagine how powerful it can be FOR YOU, if it was this effective for me, and I was a scappy lil' nobody back then!
I’ve made amazing friends from around the globe. Created JV partnerships with people I used to admire from afar. And, of course, helped thousands more business owners get their messages out.

And it’s not just me. I’ve watched virtual summits help my clients nab the same stellar results, so I know they can help YOU dramatically boost your list, your profile and your profits, too.
Trust me when I say, there’s never been a better time to host your own summit! Seriously. 

The Internet is HUNGRY for information – everybody wants to learn, and nobody wants to leave their couch to do it.

Hell to the yes.
But at first mention, I know putting together a VIRTUAL SUMMIT sounds super stressful.
From choosing a platform to booking speakers to ensuring the right peeps show up, there are a lot of moving pieces.

The good news: I’ve been there and experienced ALL of the ups and downs myself.

To date, I’ve helped put together over a dozen of thriving summits, and I know EXACTLY what magic goes into creating a seamless experience for your attendees (and speakers) without losing your shit.

And now, I want to share it all with you. :) 

With the Business Famous Summit Formula, you CAN create an uber popular and wildly profitable telesummit that feels good and does good in the world.

And you can quote me on that. 
The Business Famous Summit Formula is a self-study course that walks you through my powerful, step-by-step system for creating your own virtual summit and becoming the high­ rollin, high ­impact biz owner you were born to be ... with lighting speed.

Over five weeks, you’ll learn exactly how to plan for, create, manage, and develop a crazy-valuable virtual summit so you can get your message out there in a big way, make rad connections and reach six figures faster.
This is the EXACT process I personally used to
grow my business to 6 figures in under 15 months.
You’ll receive the exact templates, forms, checklists, swipe files, tools and resources I’ve used in my own virtual summit launches (meaning all the dirty work is done for you … and you just have to fill in the blanks!). 

You’ll learn how to create a summit that’s positioned to kill it, plays nicely with others and puts profits in your pockets, all while spreading your message for the greater good.

I’ve broken everything down so it’s ridiculously simple, easy-to-follow and pretty much impossible not to “get” – so you can get ‘er done.

And the best part? You can use this system (and the templates and resources) over and over again to launch and re-launch your own profitable, popular and purposeful virtual summits.
Inside the Business Famous Summit Formula, you’ll discover how to:
  • Position your virtual summit, choose a killer topic and whip up a snappy, sticky name
  • Pick (and pitch!) just-perfect speakers 
  • Reach out the right way and woo prospective speakers right into a “HELL YES” 
  • Run incredible interviews that provide insane value for your viewers
  • Create an irresistible landing page (and upsell page) that convert like cray
  • Set up nurture/autoresponder sequences to keep readers enthralled from start to launch
  • Create an astonishingly simple affiliate experience for your speakers so sharing is easy and rewarding AF
  • Promote your summit so the ‘right people’ see it as a no-brainer and show up in droves
  • Stay on track and create your entire virtual summit from A to Z!
The Business Famous Summit Formula takes ALL the guesswork out of planning your own authentic and successful virtual summit from start to fabulous finish.
You ready for it? Then get pumped because
YOU are about to become Business Famous.
  • Access to the Business Famous Summit Formula Self-Study Course 
  • Five (5) Step-by-Step Modules where I'll be showing you exactly how to plan, setup, run, and profit from your own rockstar virtual summit (even if you're not very tech savvy or don't have a team!).
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all recordings of the training calls so that you can start planning and building your rockstar summit in a way that fits your own schedule.
  • All the done-for-you templates, tools, resources I've used to launch my own (and my clients') successful telesummits over the years
Are you getting excited yet?
I'm literally taking all the guesswork out of your virtual summit strategy and creation process.
But let me show you how...

Week 1- Planning to Profit 

🔥 Choose an expert topic and sticky name that gets you the leads + sales
🔥 Tailor the message for your summit so it easily speaks to your dream clients
🔥 Set your goals and position your telesummit to teach AND profit with ease
🔥 Vet and select the just-perfect speakers for your summit
🔥  Create the foundation for influence and authority growth (faster!)

Week 2 - Becoming a Hostess with the Mostess 

🔥 Create gorgeous, custom branding for your telesummit 
🔥 Design a sexy ‘coming soon’ page that secures sign-ups like no big deal
🔥 Approach and get big fat “YES!”s from your speakers
🔥 Set up and host your live calls without hiccups 
🔥 Plus, get all my secrets to conducting exciting interviews listeners will love

Week 3 - Landing Pages, Upsells, Thank You Pages - Oh My!

🔥 Create landing pages that convert like cray! 65+% conversion rate? yessir!
🔥 Create your upsell converts leads into sales with grace and flow (yum!)
🔥 Whip up well-branded thank you pages that leave a lasting impression
🔥 How to use the power of virality to get major sharing from your attendees

Week 4 - Telesummit Setup + Promo Magic 

🔥 Write strategic autoresponder email sequences to keep readers engaged 
🔥 Create an advanced tracking system so you're never confused what's what
🔥 How to smoothly get your speakers to promote your event (with joy)
🔥 The ins and outs (and do’s and donts!) of promotion – where, how, when and why to do it - so you get the hottest leads that stick around - for good!

Week 5 - Going Live with Your Profitable Telesummit 

🔥 Create lust-worthy pages for an impeccable telesummit experience
🔥 How to create the flow of the telesummit for maximized results
🔥 Creating special opportunities for upsells (so you can 2x your profits!)
🔥 Maximize profits from your telesummit and hit your own six figure launch (This is what it’s all about – and where many miss the mark)

But that's not all...
I'm simplifying this process for you
so success becomes inevitable!

BONUS: (value $197)

So all you need to do is replace the text. No need for a designer or ninja tech skills. I’m doing ALL the work FOR you! You can have ALL your pages done in less than an hour! 

BONUS: (value $97)

 Not big on copy? No worries! Use my templates and convert! These are swipe files and templates you can use for: 
✏️ Speakers outreach (so they're more likely to say YES!), 
✏️ Hosting the interview calls (how to structure them so they're entertaining and educational, and keep your attendees engaged), 
✏️ Social media postings (so you get more sign ups, easier!), 
✏️ Video sales letters (for your landing page and upsell pages)
✏️ Plus, much more...

BONUS: (value $97)

 for easy planning and organization during the outreach & the actual launch of the telesummit (including the EXACT spreadsheet I use & how I use it) - wave goodbye to overwhelm and confusion!

BONUS: (value $97)

This is my personal list of tools, softwares, and resources (free and paid) that I use to run my own 5-figure generating telesummits (now you can make your life easier with these too!)


5-Week On-Demand Training System: Instant access to the video lessons in our classroom ($1997 value)

Plug-and-Play Page Templates: My own landing page, sales page, and website templates so you can execute this with ease - even if you're not techy ($197 value)

Plug-and-Play Email Scripts & Swipe Files: Know exactly how to word your invitations to get a YES, plus much more ($97 value)

Summit Organization Hacks: Grab my spreadsheet to keep everything flowing ($97 value)

My Personal Resource List: Which tools I personally use to run profitable summits with ease ($97 value)

Total Value = $2,485

Sound great? Awesome.

At this point, you're probably thinking:

"What's the investment, Kamila?!?"

Well, when I work with my high level clients, they pay me anywhere from $7,500 up to $20,000 to have me as their coach and strategist.

If you were to hire a marketing/tech agency to strategize and setup a telesummit for you, that'll run you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 PER MONTH. (and you still won't know if what they're doing is right)

Most marketing courses like this cost $1997. 

But I am committed to getting this into as many hands as possible.

So you won't ask you for the full price for this training either.

Total Value = $2,485

Get started for just $97 today

and then 5 more payments of $97



See Kamila in action, behind the scenes, as she plans, strategizes, and runs her OWN virtual summit - from scratch - all on her own!

You will get to peek over my shoulder, as I strategize for, plan, and execute the work on my very own virtual summit for 2018, including:

- My thought process for the theme of the summit
- The business strategy and income strategy for the summit
- The exact process for finding prospective speakers and reaching out to them
- How to organize the entire process in 2018 - including all tools used to make it easier
- The full on build out of the pages to increase effectiveness
- The entire build from zero to hero - you'll get to see it all - how to do it, WITHOUT a team. Yes, you can totally do it without a team. I'll show you how. #GottaLoveAutomationAndSystems 

(value $497)

At this point, you’ve really got two choices:
Choice one: 

You can continue to slowly chip away at getting yourself out there. You can continue to spend all your time creating How To List posts and hoping somebody in that Facebook group you hang out in for hours at a time FINALLY takes you up on a FREE Discovery Call (which, hey, is totally fun and cool...but maybe NOT the best business strategy).
Choice two: 

Orrrrrr you can pour your time and energy into something that is almost guaranteed to get your message out there and amp up your profits and profile BIG TIME.
Trust me: When you follow my unique, proven system outlined in the Business Famous Telesummit Course – along with all the magical freebie templates, swipe files, hacks, tools, and tips shared in the bonuses – you WILL see results.
The Business Famous summit Formula Is Right For You If...
  • You’re ready to become a go-to expert in your field, fast
  • You’re down to boost your list by 2x to 3x .. or more
  • You’re prepping for a big launch and want to generate hot, quality leads
  • It’s time to put your first multiple 5 figure month on the books
  • You want to blow up your business to 6 figures (or beyond – telesummits can be THAT game-changing)
  • You want to connect with MORE ideal clients, FASTER
Is this a good fit for me?
Doing a virtual summit is a good fit for ANYONE who wants to establish authority in their space. Whether you're brand new or established, if you want to create relationships and partnerships with influencers in your space, this is a great way to do it. If you want to grow your email list by hundreds or thousands of HOT leads, without spending any money on paid ads, this is a great way to do it.
But I'm brand new in business, I don't think I'm ready to do this yet.
Totally not true! In fact, creating your own virtual summit can be an AMAZING way to establish your credibility super fast. When everyone else in the internet world is struggling with the beginning stages, trying to get seen and feeling stuck, you can be in the 1% of people who succeed FASTER, by using this underutilized strategy to skyrocket your list and create authority level status.
I'm a solopreneur, don't I need a team to be able to do a summit? I'm not very techy.
Nope! In fact, I've done ALL except ONE of my telesummits completely on my own. In fact, one of the special bonuses I am sharing how EXACTLY I am doing and planning a telesummit (in 2018) all on my own, as well as some things you can outsource with total ease for minimum cost. Because I'm providing you with all the forms, templates, and more - you really don't need to be techy to do this. Just follow the steps... easy!
I've seen a lot of people do summits and I find them weird and icky.
TOTALLY! I am sooo frustrated by this because there are some people out there who are teaching this strategy totally inauthentically for the long term relationship of the speaker and the lead. I am so turned off by that too. I've done so many summits, and being heart-driven is my core value, so I will share with you HOW to do things in a way that ACTUALLY feel good, zero ickiness involved, and make your campaign super successful - with flow, ease, and grace. Take that, sleazy "gooroos"!
How does the program work?
The point of the program is to get you to understand, strategize, and actually map out (and implement) the pieces of a virtual summit, so you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a huge team, designers, technology, or anything else to make it work for you! (and if you do have a team, even better - they'll get this developed in a super powerful way, AND you'll know exactly how to do it, like a boss).
What if I want to work with you 1:1?
The most common way to with me 1:1 is through a VIP Intensive or in my high level mastermind. Contact me directly to learn about how to do that by emailing hello@heartbehindhustleteam.com. Please note that my private packages and mastermind programs are usually a 5 figure investment.
What happens after purchase?
Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email with your login information where you can start diving into the training materials RIGHT AWAY! Woohoo! Go fast action takers! :-)
Do you have any guarantees?
YES! We have a full 14-day money back guarantee in place. So, join the program, start going through it, and if for some reason you decide doing a virtual summit is NOT for you, or maybe you don't like my teaching style, whatever. Just email us back within 14 days of purchase and you will be fully refunded. No questions asked. 
Here’s the deal: 
Your message – and your time – is valuable.
And telesummits are literally the fastest way to build your list, get quality, ready-to-buy leads into your pipeline and make connections that last a lifetime.

I like to say that if telesummits had their semi-cheesy 90s-esque slogan, it’d be something like, “The faster, easier, and way more fun way to build your list and your reputation.”

But seriously.

Telesummits are where it’s at. IF YOU DO THEM RIGHT.

They are literally the most effective strategy out there I’ve ever seen (and let’s be real, I’ve seen a lot) for making more money from your message, while turning mentors (the people you look up to – with the shiny hair, glossy websites and 50k Instagram followers) into biz BFF’s and becoming a go-to expert in your space.

But you don’t need to go it alone. The Business Famous Telesummit Formula will walk you through each and every step necessary to create your telesummit from concept to implementation with templates, checklists and swipe files – from someone who’s been there, done that and seen the (rad) results. :) 

Have questions? Scroll back up to check out the FAQ, or get at me on email at hello [at] heartbehindhustleteam [dot] com.

Let’s get your message out there, maven.

- Kamila
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