The Secret to Creating Rapid Growth 
In Your Business Using Facebook Ads
(and you don't need a huge advertising budget to do it!)
Hey awesome! Tell me if this resonates:

I recently received an email from an entrepreneur, Ashley, who told me how frustrated and overwhelmed she felt with the amount of time she was spending on online activities that she felt she “should be doing”... 

Because her bank account was not reflecting any positive changes. 

She knew she needed to get in front of more people
She needed more clients! 

She was spending countless hours every day in Facebook Groups but she still wasn’t getting those discovery calls booked! 

Her email list was tiny, she felt invisible, and the dreams she had of freedom in her business? Felt very far away.

The sad thing is: 

This is not uncommon for entrepreneurs today, both new and seasoned.

You might have even felt similarly to Ashley: 

Exhausted and frustrated because you don’t know how to reach your ideal clients online without going crazy in the process. There’s gotta be an easier way.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this hard.
What if you never had to worry about your products and services getting sold out because you’d always have a hoard of hungry people excited to buy?
How would you feel knowing that you’re helping brand new people every. single. day? Never running out of prospective clients to hop on a discovery call with you so you can enroll them into your programs. 

And your monthly income quickly reaching (and exceeding) that esteemed 5-figure mark.

The best part? Spending LESS time on social media so you can, instead, spend MORE time on the things you LOVE doing.

Every day bringing you closer to running those world-class retreats, filling up high-end programs, or selling thousands of units of your books and products, putting you on the top of the Bestsellers’ list. 

No gimmicks. Just you. Rocking it and being your awesome self!

That’d be amazing, right?
It turns out this doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. 

There are specific things that separate uber successful entrepreneurs who grow each month online and those who continue to struggle. 

You see, even though I’ve been doing online marketing and audience building since I’ve been a 12 year old kid living in a small town in Poland with dial-up internet, I didn’t fully connect audience building with online sales until I began working with my marketing agency clients at 22.

But it wasn’t enough to have a big Facebook page especially since it felt like Facebook’s algorithm would change every month making it harder and harder for marketers and business owners to reach their communities! 

I remember how frustrating it was the first time I saw the decline of organic reach my posts would get. It was very discouraging. 
Notice on the graph above: the drastic decline of organic reach our FB pages are getting, meaning it's now harder than ever to reach our customers online via Facebook... unless we know how to do it.
While my 7-figure clients had the benefit of using a big advertising budget each month, I knew I couldn’t do the same in my own business.

I had just started my own marketing consulting business at 24 and was able to grow my traffic and audience to a sizable amount but I continued to feel like there was something missing. 

Getting new clients was hard. 

I struggled with connecting with my ideal clients online. Even though I was growing my list each month, I found it hard to switch into the “sales” mode after being in the “valuable content all the time” mode. 

I wanted to quit my agency job to focus on my own business, but finding prospects to get on strategy calls with me was like pulling teeth! 
I decided to submerge myself in research. 

I read hundreds of articles and took many webinars but it was all the same old stuff. Lots of fluff, no real content, and nothing I could put into place that would fill in the gaps.

I began paying closer attention to what 7-figure businesses I admired were doing that allowed them to get the results they saw with their email lists. 

Mentors and coaches began showing me what was working in their business and I started to notice some prominent patterns.
All of those uber successful business owners, who had the freedom lifestyle I wanted, had a few things in common: 
  • they were spending money on paid traffic to grow their email list & business
  • they had autoresponders to drive leads to easily become clients and customers
  • everything was automated whenever possible
  • they had this down to a science and this allowed them to scale up each time
BOOM! I knew what I had to do.

I worked with some of the best experts and spent thousands on trainings to refine what I already knew about email marketing and Facebook Advertising to take it to the NEXT level… 

And implement it into a system that would systematically grow my list of qualified leads that would then become high-paying clients and customers WITHOUT needing thousands of dollars to spend on ads each week. 

When I refined this system I felt like I unlocked the secret so many others were holding captive… even though it is so SIMPLE and was hiding right under my nose!

I was able to help many clients and students using these strategies and the results did not lie.
Facebook Ads + Funnels = Rapid Growth
I didn’t want to spend hours in Facebook groups, so I stopped. I didn’t want to write blog posts every week, so I stopped. I didn’t want to struggle to make money with my passion, so I used proven systems to make it work FOR me, the way I wanted.

And since then? My business has grown to six figures just 15 months after starting this venture and every single month has brought in more money than the last.

Prospects continue to schedule discovery calls with me whenever I want them to and I don’t feel the stress or frustration I once felt around reaching the right people.

I know you might be wondering if this is the path you can go down too. That’s why I wanted to bring to light some common mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to creating more rapid results in their business without hustling their ass into exhaustion.

5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Wanting to Create More Rapid Growth In Their Business (without Burning Out or Going Crazy in the Process)
Mistake #1: Trying To Be Everywhere 
I tried to be everywhere when I was starting out, because what if my ideal clients DO hang out on all of these social media platforms? There’s Facebook, there’s Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram… God forbid yet another new trendy platform comes out that I have to plan content for. Made me anxious just thinking about it.

But honestly? Because when I was attempting to be “everywhere,” I was frankly doing a pretty crappy job at it. 

I was spreading myself too thin and my heart was no longer in it. I felt like it was something I “should” be doing. I stopped enjoying connecting with my peeps because it became a daily task. A required to-do. That’s not very inspiring. 

When I realized that trying to be everywhere did not serve my audience NOR my bank account in any way, I let go of the constant feeling of “not doing enough” to get myself “out there” and just focused on a few solid strategies that have been proven to work and changed my entire business around instead. Now I focus on being active on just a few platforms strategically and LOVE it.
Mistake #2: Engaging in Facebook Groups to Get Clients
As much as I enjoy FB groups for connecting with others, it takes a LOT of time and dedication before you see any kind of results in your business. Time that busy entrepreneurs just. do. not. have!

Not only do you have to engage in these groups for weeks or months before you start seeing a return (IF at all), it’s way too easy to get completely sucked into the groups... And before you know it? You’re spending half your day in Facebook groups chatting with new internet friends debating your favorite TV shows.

I was holding on to this idea that I had to actively engage in Facebook Groups every single day in order to get clients, but truly? It was when I STOPPED feeling obligated to engage in those groups and shifted my focus towards building my LIST using FB Ads without jumping through all the hoops that I started to see my list grow by hundreds and sometimes thousands each month. 

The best thing? I can now enjoy stopping by the Facebook Groups I like (and contribute here and there, if I want to) without feeling like a slimeball and desperately hoping to get clients out of it. 

No longer do I feel like that annoying girl at a networking event just handing out her business cards to everyone who merely looks her way. All because I put a system in place that was doing the growth for me. 

Mistake #3: Avoiding Using Facebook Ads
One of the major things that separates entrepreneurs who make it big versus those who struggle is holding on to this notion of making it “organically” and avoiding paid traffic. 

You can certainly become successful without paid traffic but let’s be honest. It’s 2016 and more businesses exist now than ever before. 

You think it’s as easy to explode online as it was back when your favorite expert was starting out? Think again.

When you avoid using paid traffic, especially Facebook Ads (which are the most user-friendly and have the best targeting functionality), you miss out on a huge opportunity to grow faster: thousands of extra dollars you could make during launches, and hundreds of extra people each month who are desperate to find someone like YOU right this moment to help them! 

Stop hiding. Your message needs to be heard.
Mistake #4: No Sales Funnels In Place
Even entrepreneurs who have been in business for years sometimes don’t have funnels in place and they’re missing out on a lot of opportunities because of it! 

Having sales funnels (or prospect journey) is as important as running Facebook Ads. They will free up your time, make you more money, PLUS help you create the bigger impact with your business faster!

Imagine having discovery calls booked without you needing to spend hours in Facebook groups. Imagine getting your products sold each and every day. And that big launch for a retreat you’re planning on doing? People are already excited and hungry for it… and the doors aren’t even open yet! 

Now that’s the power of a good sales funnel.
Mistake #5: Avoiding Marketing Automation with the Assumption They’re “Not There Yet” To Use It
When it comes to running Facebook Ads or sales funnel or any kind of marketing automation is that many entrepreneurs think they’re not “there yet” to need it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! 

You can hustle hard every day and work through blood, sweat, and tears… but WHY? When you can have such powerful and efficient systems available at your fingertips to make your load easier. 

You’ll be able to spend more time in your zone of genius: creating, talking with clients, doing work you love doing. And you’ll be able to maximize the time and budget you have for your VA to help you with other stuff. Because everything else? Will be getting taken care of. By itself. 

Regardless of where you are in business, or whether you're a coach, consultant, blogger, product based business, or another online-based business, marketing systems and automations will help you not only grow your bank account, but also sustain your SANITY. 
Bottom line: You have to be using Facebook Ads and sales funnels in your business so you can grow your list by thousands and get more sales.
But the thing that sucks? It’s not as easy as just knowing WHAT you need to do.

I’ve had so many entrepreneurs come to me to help them with their Facebook Ad campaigns and marketing systems after being screwed over by "experts" who frankly had no idea WTF they were doing!

They'd end up blowing through their ad budget, not knowing why things aren’t working and raising their hands up and blaming the algorithm for its faults.

But this is the reality: most people simply have NO IDEA what they’re doing! 

Some “social media experts” or "business coaches" out there are teaching all these people how to run Facebook Ads when they’ve only ever run ads for THEMSELVES! 

Not knowing whether the things work for other industries and businesses, plus how to adapt campaigns to businesses who might NOT have thousands of dollars to spend on ads every month.

Not everyone has thousands to invest in FB ads each month!

And since your budget isn't huge, are you really willing to risk spending it without seeing any results? When, on the other side, if you did it correctly and followed a system, you could use it to shift into something truly incredible in your business.

Newer entrepreneurs try to DIY things without an idea HOW or WHY to do things, or worse yet: claiming they don’t have the time to figure it out, so they just keep on struggling by doing what they were doing before, wasting their time on things that are not producing any results.

The definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  

This is why when clients come to me…. we shift their Facebook Ads campaigns to begin converting at 50 cents per conversion (or less!). 

This is why when clients come to me…. all of the sudden their calendars get booked up with discovery calls and all they had to do is start running Facebook Ads with a system we put in place.
Because what I teach isn’t just theory. 
It’s not something you can learn from someone who’s only run Facebook Ads 
for themselves
The stuff I teach is what I learned from 4 years of running Facebook Ads for clients before I ever started doing them for myself and only NOW have I started to teach it. 

I’ve been running Facebook Ads and studying the trends, algorithms, and systems of successful 6- and 7-figure businesses to see the patterns of what works and what simply doesn’t (even if it sounds like it should on paper!)

I’m sick and tired of seeing people teach the wrong stuff and setting well-meaning people up for failure.

I’m exhausted of hearing story after story of business owners who want to impact the world only to feel defeated because they don’t have the time to spend in Facebook groups or knowing SEO or whatever other thing you *think* you need to do to grow.

And here’s the thing: 


Unless you work with clients to help them with their Facebook Ads, like I do, you do NOT need to know the ins and outs of Facebook Ads! 

All you need to know? IS HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR YOU. 
Efficient. Effective. ROI positive. What’s the point of filling up your brain with ALL THE THINGS if you’re never gonna use it? Honestly.

I’ve spent nearly $1,000,000 on Facebook Ad campaigns for clients from dozens of industries over the years and trust me when I say: I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and what YOU need to know so YOU too can get great results for your own business (without all the other BS that others are teaching out there that’s nice in theory but falls flat in real life).

That's why I'm excited to introduce to you...
Rapid Growth with Facebook Ads System
Introducing Rapid Growth with FB Ads System: A Powerful Process To Exploding Your Business Online By Automating Your Marketing and List Building
This is 5-week multimedia course, where I'll show you exactly what you need to know around how to run your Facebook Ads so you can grow your list by thousands, get more sales through autoresponders, and how to finally create the progress and rapid results you've been wanting to create. 
Module 1
Week 1: Creating Your Foolproof Plan for Growth
  • If you’re forgetting this one thing in your plan, you’re putting thousands down the drain.
  • How to create irresistible free offers that your ideal clients can’t help but sign up for.
  • Which goals to NEVER to use when you want maximum list growth.
  • Setting up awesome automation sequences to start getting discovery calls (or sales) around the clock
  • How to plan when using Facebook Ads so it makes sense for your goals
Module 2
Week 2: Creating Facebook Ads for Rapid Results
  • The secret to highly-converting Facebook Ads regardless of what industry you’re in
  • You need ads to grow your FB Page likes for credibility, right? WRONG! They’re a waste of time and here’s how to grow your page instead.
  • Confused about all the lingo? You won’t be after this
  • How to get 250% more clicks using these powerful conversion hacks
  • Why using the Power Editor lets you get more results (and how to use it without overwhelming yourself)
  • The formula for creating epic video ads that captivate
  • Plus, the handy checklist to creating WOW worthy ads every time
Module 3
Week 3: Types of Ads, Budgets, and Targeting Like a Pro
  • Why you need to be using the new Facebook Pixel and why it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever learn (you’ll wonder why you were ever intimidated)
  • My simple formulate to determine the RIGHT budget for your Facebook ad campaign without being a math whizz (no, you don't need thousands $$)
  • The right (and the WRONG) way to do Facebook Video Ads
  • How to get leads for as little as 33 CENTS per conversion.  
  • How to find the perfect audience targeting for your ads so they attract only the top-notch prospects for your business
  • When to use video ads and when to opt for regular ads?
  • Are Instagram all they're cracked up to be? How to use them.
  • Why you SHOULD start with $5 per day (unless you like throwing money down the drain)
  • Warning: Avoid this type of ad like the plague when you’re new to marketing
Module 4
Week 4: Testing, Optimization, and Troubleshooting Ads
  • Why some ads perform like gangbusters while others barely get any results
  • The secret to minimizing your budget spend so you can get the most conversion for the least dollars
  • The truth behind why your Facebook Ads have failed in the past
  • How to know when to turn your campaign off for good (or simply tweak it)
  • How to use Audience Insights to perfect your ad targets (without spending more than 2 minutes on it)
  • How to beat the algorithm (so you can get more organic reach too!)
  • Plus, how to decipher the analytics so you know whether your ads are performing well
BONUS: Putting It All Together for a Massive Growth
  • How to use advanced strategies to create an automated growth system for your business (even if you only sell 1:1 services!)
  • The secret to becoming the go-to expert in your industry without ever joining a single Facebook group
  • Examples of effective sales funnels and autoresponders you can adopt in your business (for immediate results)
  • How to get clients on demand from your newly built list (seriously, it’s as easy as click and send)
  • The one thing you can do today with your list to get more calls booked
  • The easiest cash makers for product-based businesses who want to make more sales with their list, don't miss this one!
  • Getting more sales from your list each time
  • How to use your newly built list when launching new products and programs
Enroll in RGFAS today and start creating rapid results in your business using FB ADS and Sales Funnels IMMEDIATELY!
When you enroll today, you will immediately get access to module 1 AND the following BONUSES right away:
You're going to love this...
  • Done-for-You Plug & Play (and Profit) Templates for Creating Attention-Grabbing Headlines for your Facebook Ads AND Landing Pages so your Ads Sound Sexy even If you’re not a Copywriter
  • Cut Down The Time It Takes to Create Your Ads Out and Start Profiting Sooner
  • Used by Many Thought Leaders, Experts, and Facebook Pros Today
This is essential...
  • List of The Hottest List Building Offers that Work in Any Niche to Generate Thousands of High Quality HOT Leads Around the Clock
  • Create and Run Ads for Offers that are Proven to Generate Results Across Industries
  • What Most Entrepreneurs Get WRONG Around List Building (and How You Can Get to Epic Results Faster)
You're going to want this...
  • Most Effective Cash Infusion Strategies To Create More Money To Fund Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • The Key Elements to Include When Looking to Sell Products (Physical + Digital)
  • Leveraging Your Assets To Create Excitement Around Your Products While Minimizing Your Ad Spend
Small budget? This one is a must...
  • Jumpstart with your Facebook Ads strategy that maximizes your results even if you have a very small budget
  • Grow your list and get more sales without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads
  • Understanding when to scale up to the next level and how so you only invest more when you want to, without sacrifice.
Easiest way to get started...
  • Jumpstart Your Results by Learning the Foundations and Basics of Facebook Advertising 
  • Get a Clear Understanding of the Power Editor to Run High-Converting Ads Like Today’s Facebook Experts
  • Get Started By Running Your Rockin’ Ads In 7 Days Or Less (Even If You’re Brand New to Facebook Advertising)
"Because of Kamila managing my FB ads I was able to generate five figures in the pre-sale of my latest launch." 
- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed
“I was hesitant about the price before but decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. Kamila is great at developing effective fb ad campaigns and strategies. One of my campaigns had some of the best conversion rates I’ve ever seen - 25 cents per HOT qualified lead! My list grew from 1100 to 2400 in two months (One of my free opt-ins was downloaded 1130 times) and I had 400 people register for a free webinar to launch my course. She really knows her stuff and her strategies really gave me a peace of mind.”
- Michelle Maclean, Health Coach
"Less than a month into working with Kamila, I started getting discovery call bookings from the sales funnel and Facebook Ads we set up with Kamila, filled with ideal clients who all wanted to work with me... and I sold my first 4 figure coaching package (and she paid all upfront!) On top of that later on, I hit over 1000 subscribers on my list! Thank you Kamila!! I couldn't have done it without you :)"
- Jennifer Dent, Holisitc Health & Weight Loss Coach
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14 Day Good-Faith Guarantee Policy
I am SO confident you’re gonna get amazing results with this course, I am willing to offer a 14 day money back guarantee. This means, if you watch the trainings, do the work and you still don't see a shift in your business, we’ll give you your money back.
Let’s be real for a second.

You went into business so you could have freedom in your life. So why are you spending hours of your time on things that are not working? Do you really think that high 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs sit in front of their computer every day, hoping to get clients off of Facebook groups? NO. They don’t.

They use what’s available to them, set up the systems and use paid traffic to get more highly qualified leads their way so they can convert them into paying customers every single day.

You ARE good enough to have more ease in your business. You DO deserve to make your business more pleasurable. And this starts by using more of what you’re great at and LOVE doing, and less of the things that do nothing for your business growth.

If you really think that you can wait to have these things in place, think again. 

Where do you think you’re gonna be 6 months from now? What about next year? Without a traffic strategy and a lead generation strategy in place, do you honestly think you'll be able to reach your goals with ease? 

Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve hustled day in and day out to grow my list. Then I realized that letting Facebook do the work for me is NOT cheating, it’s called self-care. 

And you deserve it, my friend.

Let me help you.
P.S. We ran the RGFAS course with Live webinars the first time around and here's some of what the students had to say...
Got Questions? We got answers!

Why are you qualified to teach this stuff, Kamila?
Besides the fact that I've been an online marketing nerd & community manager pretty much since the age of 12? Well, let's see. I've worked in marketing agencies since the age of 22, leading social media departments and running Facebook Ad campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes: from obscure super-niches like clergywear e-commerce stores, to big beauty brands you're probably using today, to nationwide newspapers, and beyond. I've also been experimenting with Facebook Ads for my own wellness blog since the age of 23 and then at the age of 24, I started my own marketing consulting and education company, Kamila Social, where I've been working full-time with my own amazing clients who are 5-, 6-, and 7-figure entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to step it up. I work with many niches: from business coaches, to health & wellness, to fashion, and local restaurants, I've seen what works across all industries. On top of that, I've been BIG on list building and it's a big passion and focus of my teachings. So straight up? I'm gonna deliver what you need to know in a way YOU need to know - how to use FB ads PLUS email list building and funnels to actually grow your business by leaps and bounds this year. Join me for this ride.
Sooo... will this make me a millionaire? #forrealthough
Seriously? If you're looking for a get rich quick thing, scheme-y biz-opp, or something else that promises to bring overnight success... look elsewhere. Actually don't look elsewhere because that does NOT EXIST, you will never find it #realtalk. If you're desperate for cash and you think this is the last straw, this is not a good fit for you. This is for a serious entrepreneur who wants to grow their business, scale up, and make an impact... and know it takes WORK to do it. Growing a successful sustainable business is a consistent long-term process, not a one-time quick thing. Sorry.
I think I'm just gonna try to figure it out on my own first?
You go for it. Maybe you'll figure it out, but more than likely you won't. I'm not being cocky, I'm basing this statement on what I've heard from the hundreds of entrepreneurs I've spoken to in the last year about this stuff. If you try it yourself, the likely outcome is: you'll get overwhelmed, waste a bunch of money, and maybe get some ads disapproved. And hopefully your ad account doesn't get shut down (it happens often!). Bottom line? You'll waste a lot more time, money, and energy on something that can bring you amazing results.. once you know how to use it.
This sounds intense, maybe I should just hire a FB Ads Manager instead?
If you can afford it, you can definitely do that. I can certainly help you with this as well, my packages start at $1500 per month (learn more here). If you do end up hiring someone though, it helps if you know at least the strategy behind using FB ads properly, which means this course would be a good addition either way to make sure the person you hire does a good job. Oh yes, as you might have noticed in my copy above - a lot of FB Ads Managers don't know WTF they're doing. I see the work they do. I hear the horror stories. If you do decide to outsource, make sure you go with a FB ads Strategist who is also a FB Ads Manager so they know the entire strategy behind using FB ads, stays on top of trends, and can give you strategic recommendations on optimization as well. You could hire a VA to do it but if you don't tell them exactly how to do it and when and why, it's as if you'd be doing it yourself. Aka, not so great. This course will help you understand the strategic side plus create a system that your outsourced person can then implement for you.
It's not the right time for me / I'm too busy / don't have the time.
Yeah I BET you don't have the time because you're doing a whole lot of other stuff you don't need to be doing. The whole point of this course is to show you how to use your time effectively, by utilizing automated systems - Facebook Ads and Autoresponders - so you no longer have to spend hours on social media, blogging every week, or doing whatever other self-promotion you're currently doing. This will teach you the way to SCALE UP your business so you can BLOW UP online without all the BS. It's your shortcut to growth. And then? You'll have ALL the time in the world and you'll be using it on things you LOVE doing. That's why I created this program.
But you don't get it, Kamila, my business is different. This won't work for me.
I bet you it will. Did I mention I've worked like a LOT of various types of industries? But if you're not totally sure, shoot us an email. We're happy to chat and see if this is, indeed, a good solution for you. Pinky swear to be totally objective and tell you the whole truth. You can email us at with the subject line: "RGFA question" and my support team will get back to you ASAP with answers!
I don't have anything to sell yet, but want to sell low-cost products. Is this a good fit for me?
If you're a blogger or personal brand or wantapreneur, totally! You have content, you know who you are in business (or want to be), this is a great way for you to get there sooner by building up an engaged community with less hustle. Then, once you're ready to start selling products, you will have that awesome community who loves you and it'll that much easier to sell more products - especially if your model will be based on low cost high volume. Would love to have you on board!
I have more questions about the course, how can I get ahold of you?
We want to make sure you make the best decision for you and your business. Simply shoot us an email to with the subject line "RGFA question" and we'll get back to you to answer any and all questions you may have ASAP! :) You can always tag me in my free FB group too, and I'll be sure you're supported!
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easy payment plan - BILLED EVERY 2 WEEKS
197 today
Payment plan: 3 easy payments of $197, billed biweekly.
Get immediate access to module 1 upon payment!
  • 5 Weeks of Training Modules in Online Home Study System
  • Lifetime Access + All Updates Included -- Value $PRICELESS
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