How to Easily Run 

High-ConvertingFacebook Ads
WithOUT losing money or 
dozens of hours in the process
(to crush your online course launch, sales funnel, 
affiliate launch, book launch, massive visibility upleveling, and more...
.... even if you're new to Facebook Ads!)
Does this sound familiar:

You wake up in the morning, hopeful. You're launching a new offer and you're excited to see if people are signing up! But as soon as you open your laptop you're faced with a big fat... nothing

No new discovery calls booked. 
No sales came in overnight.
And no new inquiries or messages from people on Facebook.

If you're like most impact-driven entrepreneurs I speak with, you feel so frustrated with that. You KNOW you have an important message and mission to share. 

You love what you do, and know your new program can really help people, and you love helping your clients (when you DO actually get them on board), but that whole "visibility" and "list building" and "online sales" thing? 

You just haven't mastered it quite yet. And it's getting harder by the day. 

Listen, I totally get it.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this hard.
What if you never had to worry about your products and services getting sold out because you’d always have a hoard of hungry people excited to buy?
How would you feel knowing that you’re helping brand new people every. single. day? Never running out of prospective clients to hop on a discovery call with you so you can enroll them into your programs. 

Or, what if you're setting up a sales funnel, or getting your book published? 

Wouldn't it be great to KNOW that you WILL get sales, get people excited to buy and share, and any campaign or launch you do - whether it's an automated sales funnel, a live course launch, or something else - CRUSHED it, each time?

And your monthly income quickly reaching (and exceeding) that esteemed multiple 5-figure mark.

The best part? Doing all of that WHILE spending LESS time on social media so you can, instead, spend MORE time on the things you LOVE doing. 

(unless you love social media, then you can obvi keep doing that too :-P)

Every day bringing you closer to running dozens of those world-class retreats, filling up high-end programs, or selling thousands of units of your books and products, putting you on the top of the Bestsellers’ list. 

No gimmicks. Just you. Rocking it and being your awesome self!

That’d be amazing, right?
It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. 

There are specific things that separate uber-successful entrepreneurs who grow each month online and those who continue to struggle. 
You see, even though I’ve been doing online marketing and audience building since I’ve been a 12 year old kid living in a small town in Poland with dial-up internet, I didn’t fully connect "audience building" with "online sales" until I began working with my marketing agency clients at 22.

But it wasn’t enough to have a big Facebook page especially since it felt like Facebook’s algorithm would change every month making it harder and harder for marketers and business owners to reach their communities! 
I had just started my own marketing consulting business at 24 and was able to grow my traffic and audience to a sizable amount but I continued to feel like there was something missing. 

I struggled with connecting with my ideal clients online. 

Plus, I was BUSY! Something had to change.
I began paying closer attention to what 7-figure businesses I admired were doing that allowed them to get the results they saw with their email lists. 
Mentors and coaches began showing me what was working in their business and I started to notice some prominent patterns.
All of those uber successful business owners, who had the freedom lifestyle I wanted, had a few things in common: 
  • they were being visible and stayed on top of mind for their audience
  • they were spending money on Facebook ads to grow their email list & business
  • they had this down to a science and this allowed them to scale up each time
Duh, Facebook Ads!

Let's be honest.. your audience spends a LOT of time on Facebook. You know this, I know this. They engage, they comment on stuff, they are open and ready to hear from you.

But because of the algorithms, they simply don't get to see you! They NEED you, but yet Facebook on its own, with you just posting picture quotes and memes,  isn't going to make the impact you need to get your ideal tribe to notice, click, and convert.
Enter: Facebook Ads! Your saving grace.
Maybe you don't want to spend hours upon hours in Facebook groups. Maybe you don't feel like your posts are getting the engagement they should be to get the leads and sales. Maybe you feel like there's something missing and you feel invisible.

Facebook Ads can change ALL of that for you - PLUS, it will give you back your TIME, because this is an automated, PAID TRAFFIC source. 

You can either invest time or money. When you invest in Facebook Ads, you are SHORTENING the length of time it takes for you to succeed. 

And when you DO combine it with time and effort you're already doing? 


I know - Once I embraced Facebook Ads as part of my own strategy, it allowed my business to grow to six figures just 15 months after starting and every single month has brought in more money than the last.
Prospects continue to schedule discovery calls with me whenever I want them to and I don’t feel the stress or frustration I once felt around reaching the right people.

I am so passionate about passion-driven entrepreneurs being able to finally REACH their dream tribe, spread their message, and MAKE THE SALES they dream of.

It's time to stop making your marketing and sales so HARD! It's time to allow it to be EASY for once. And Facebook Ads CAN be easy... when you know how to do them right.

But first, here's why most people feel like Facebook Ads AREN'T for them.
5 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Cause Their Facebook Ads To Totally Flop -- And Why It's Blocking Your Success Today
Mistake #1: You're boosting posts
Here's how most people start running Ads: 

First, you see someone's ad in your feed. You notice the interaction, it's high. You think back to a time when you saw someone talk about it before and how great their results were. So you think, huh! I need to run ads. This seems to be a effective! And what do you do? You go to your business page and boost a post for $5. 

Unfortunately, you don't see much traction. So you think WTF! Let me try again. You boost another one for $20... then another for $50... and before you're know it, you're boosting posts here and there but yet - your list still hasn't grown, your sales are still stagnant, and you haven't seen anything to show for all this money. Womp womp womp.

Reason why? You're boosting posts! 

Boosting a post is the same as telling Facebook, "Hey, I want to run an ad to THIS POST and I'd like to get as much ENGAGEMENT on that post as possible." 

Engagement could be anything: someone liking the post, commenting on it, sharing it, clicking on it, expanding to "read more" when there's a lot of text. Anything. And that's what you're telling Facebook you want more of. 

But engagement alone WILL NOT give you leads and sales! Many people "engage" with stuff blindly. Many don't even read the post. They just see it, think "cool" and move on. If you're boosting posts you're wasting money! 

Don't do it unless you have a SOLID STRATEGY for it! 
Mistake #2: You think you need to hire it out
Many people feel like running ads is a lot of work, and most people feel that way because of their past bad experiences - I get it! So you might be telling yourself that you need to hire an expert to do this for you, versus doing it yourself... 

But this way of thinking if a TRAP and usually NOT the smartest money decision! Let me run some numbers for you…

If you hire a Facebook Advertising Expert, that might cost you $1,500 - $3,000+ per month. If you have an ad budget of $25,000, that’s totally fine because it’s not going to hurt your ROI.

But if you have an ad budget of $1,000 per month, and you hire an expert at say, $2,000 per month. Now you’re spending $3,000 per month for only $1,000 of advertising spend.

This means that for every $1 you’d spend on advertising, you’d need to earn $3 just to break even!!

The truth is: If you want to hire someone else to run your ads, you need a huge budget or the numbers are just not going to work.

When in fact, Facebook Ads are really easy to run. They can be so easy you can sometimes even just set it and forget it! Save your money, learn to do it, and use that extra money on the ADS to get you the leads and sales instead. That's a smart money decision!
Mistake #3: You're using a 
"one-size-fits-all" approach
If you've been doing ads before and seeing poor results, it's likely you aren't using ads to their full potential. It's too bad! Most courses out there just go through the basics. They'll show you how to set up a Facebook Ad. What the Power Editor is. Jeez, that's so freaking BASIC! That's not going to do much in the real world, when you're ready to launch a real campaign. 

Becuase, let's be honest: If you want to run Facebook Ads, if not just for fun and giggles, it's usually because you want to do one (if not all) of these 7 things:
Did you know you have to approach running ads differently for EACH of these situations? Yes, seriously. Do you know of ANYONE teaching you this stuff and knowing how to approach it based on your specific situation? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Facebook Ads are not a cookie-cutter game. You have to be mindful of your strategy to get the results you want. THIS is why most people see shitty results!
Mistake #4: You've been taught WRONG
Here's the unfortunate thing: Most people who teach Facebook Advertising are NOT doing you any favors! 

First of all, many "experts" have only been running ads for THEIR own business, making their experience with advertising extremely limited. How can you trust someone to give you the best strategies if they only tested them on ONE person - themselves? 

Secondly, many experts who DO know their stuff, say they run ads for many big clients, they then think that their strategies are going to apply to everyone - including the low-budget folks. Many courses and trainings out there are geared with a big budget in mind. But let's be honest. That's not you (yet). 

We need to approach Facebook Ads carefully, being mindful of the budget YOU DO HAVE - and maximizing its effectiveness. Because here's the truth: You CAN (and SHOULD) start your ads off LOW, like even $5-$20 per day! 

And you don't have to do all the crazy technical complicated things. Not yet. When you're ready, sure. But it really does not have to be complicated. Trust me.
Mistake #5: Waiting around to use Facebook Ads, telling yourself "Not yet, I'm not ready yet."
Here's the thing: If you have a business, you know who you're serving, and you want to get out there in a bigger way, that's EASIER and more SCALABLE? Facebook Ads are the thing for you. 

You might think you're not ready but I'm not asking you to spend $5,000 on a campaign. You can start off as low as $5-$20 per day and start growing slowly. 

Every day you wait, the harder it will be for you when you DO start running ads. Your competitors are already using ads and getting the clients YOU could be working with. And becuase Facebook Ads are so easy to use, more and more people are using them, meaning the market is becoming more and more saturated. Do you really have another moment to waste while 5 more you's pop up within the day or week?

Listen: Advertising costs will continue to rise. It's time to stop waiting around, get over your fears, claim your freedom and own this platform so you can reach the people you dream of reaching! 
Bottom line: You have to be using Facebook Ads in your business so you can grow your list by thousands and get more sales, on demand, with more EASE.
But the thing is? It’s not as easy as just knowing WHAT you need to do.

Yes, now you know - you need to be utilizing Facebook Ads. But how do you do it? Most people will think, "Okay great, I'm inspired. I'm gonna do it and try to figure it out. I'm gonna take advantage of this beast and crush it."

But let's get back to earth for a second? Because how's that been working out for you so far? There's a reason you're on this page right now.

And if I may, my assumption is - it's not working out very great. So why would that change now? Because you're inspired? Please. Like you've never been inspired before.

What you need is TANGIBLE action. You need the STRATEGY. You need the EXACT STEPS to make this all REALLY work for you. 

You're a badass entrepreneur. You don't have time to waste on figuring shit out on your own. You're ready to OWN this and MAXIMIZE it for massive results.

Because if we're being honest, you're probably here because your Ad results have been crappy in the past. Or maybe you haven't even started running Facebook Ads yet but you know you want to. 

Or maybe you're doing okay, but you'd LOVE your results to look like this:
And maybe this?
But I'm not the only one whose benefitted from Facebook Ads magic like this.

My clients and students are getting great results every single day!

This is why I'm here to serve and support you!

I've been running Facebook Ads for 5 years and spent nearly $1,000,000 in ad spend over the years. I started with agency clients, then started doing it for myself, and then brought on my own clients to support them with it. And over the years, I've worked with MANY different industries and niches to help them grow.

And I know what needs to be implemented and put into action to create REALLY effective Facebook Ads campaigns for online entrepreneurs who are looking to show up as freaking LEADERS, powerful, confident, and aligned with their message.

So your message spreads like WILDFIRE - you get the clicks, the leads, the sales.

And you're able to impact more and more people every single day. EASIER.

And we do this by creating a CATERED approach to EACH situation as to WHY you're even running Facebook Ads in the first place. 

Remember this? You're probably running Facebook Ads for one of these reasons:
Guess what? You don't run ads the SAME WAY for each of these! These are totally different situations! And no one teaches how to run ads like this.

But that's not serving you. There isn't a cookie-cutter approach to running ads. Your business is unique, yes, but also your ads have to be catered based on what you're using them for. Whether you're launching a new course, doing a sales funnel, or something else.

That's why I'm GIVING YOU the exact campaign flows of how to structure your ads, your campaigns, what to do first, second, and third - to create success for EACH of these areas using Facebook Ads.

THIS is why students who learn from me have such high success rates! And why other people's courses fall short. 
Because what I teach isn’t just theory.  
This stuff just WORKS.
{AD}mazing Facebook Ads
It's your real no-BS process to creating massively effective, campaign-aligned, Facebook Ads that Convert (Regardless of Your Ad Budget or Current Skill Level)
This is 100% Self-study Virtual Course, where I'll show you exactly how to run Facebook Ads so you can grow your list by thousands, get more sales through your sales funnels or launches, and how to finally create the progress and rapid results you've been wanting to create. 
Here's what we cover in the {Ad}mazing Course:
 Module 0: Foundations of the Rapid Growth System
  • We start with the foundations to set the framework for RESULTS:
  • Understand the nuances of the Facebook Ads platform and the algorithm so you can create the results only pros usually get - without spending weeks, months, or years in the trenches
  • Create a highly effective strategy for Facebook ads business success for a service-based business, so you can rest assured you’ll always get an ROI on your ad campaigns - even if you have a small budget!
  • Set yourself up for rockstar results with ads that convert, regardless of whether you’re brand new to advertising or if you’ve been doing them for ages
Module 1
 Module 1: Strategy for Effective High-Performing Ads
  • Revealed: What most marketers and entrepreneurs get wrong about growing traffic by advertising with Facebook, and how you can maximize your traffic for rave-worthy results
  • Here’s how the successful 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs create sexy offers that beg to be shared - and consumed - and how you can borrow this framework too to get more people in the door
  • Find out what the top Ad pros know about targeting the perfect-for-you audiences (even in weird or tricky niches) that they don’t want you to know about - cause you just might put them out of business ;-) 
Module 2
Module 2: Selecting the Best Performing Ad Formats
  • The Art and Science of creating captivating ad copy and ad images that get the clicks (and the sign-ups) easily
  • You’ll discover several deceptively simple ways to use Facebook Video Advertising to amplify your presence and ROI!
  • You’ll find out an easy way to take advantage of Instagram Ads to grow your account, get conversions on your ads, plus show up as an authority in another platform - fast!
  • Marketers have lied to you about Messenger Ads! Here’s the one way they hoped you’d NEVER find out about creating a deep connection with your prospects - to get the sale easily!
  • Discover the surprising truth about Leads Ads 
Module 3
Week 3: Advanced Strategies and Campaign Flows
  • You’ll discover my 3-step secret Retargeting formula - this is the truly lazy way to get up to 5000% ROI with spending barely any money on the ads
  • Discover how to almost instantly use Messenger Bots to get up your conversion by 500% or more - even if you’re not a techy person
  • You’ll find out how to master the art of setting highly effective Facebook Ad Campaign SEQUENCES to crush your goals and set them up in as little 3 days - this is what people pay me thousands of dollars to strategize for them - you’ll know how to do it too!
Here’s what they are:
  • Brand Awareness Ads Sequence
  • Facebook Ads for Online Course Launches
  • Sales Funnels Ads Sequence for Passive Income
  • Growing your Facebook Group with Ads
  • Affiliate Promotions Ads Sequence
  • Book Launch Ads Sequence
Module 4
Module 4: Ninja Tips & Tricks for Boosted Performance
  • The real secret to effective split testing - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked framework will certainly get you the best returns (with less ad spend)
  • You’ll find out the most persuasive words and imagery to use in Facebook Advertising, based on data from thousands of campaigns run.
  • Here’s a sneaky trick you can use to immediately create a clicking frenzy around your ads - lowering conversion costs - and increasing the viral potential of your ad (yes, your ads can go viral!)
Module 5
Module 5: Tracking and Performance
  • You’ll find out how to master the science of your results tracking to simplify your experience (while increasing the performance)
  • Never be confused whether your campaign works or not, you’ll know exactly how to handle a campaign and know whether it should be amped up or toned down - or turned off!
  • Maximizing your ad spend with little known tracking tips that will set you up for a seamless process that works
Module 6
Module 6: Troubleshooting & Common Problems,  Solved
  • No more guesswork! You’ll get access to solutions to most commonly found issues when running ads, so you can effortlessly go from problem to solution
  • You’ll discover a little-known trick to creating effective advertising - even in “tricky” markets or using “flagged” phrases that usually gets disapproved by Facebook
  • When to turn a campaign off, and when to keep testing
  • My ad account was shut down - now what? Even if your account gets suspended, don’t lose any days running ads for your campaigns
Bonus Module
Bonus: Live FAQ Recordings
  • For any questions people had as they were going through the course, there are THREE recordings of common FAQ's around the course content, so for any questions that come up - you'll know how to approach it and what to do!
When you enroll today, you will immediately get access to THE ENTIRE COURSE, and the following BONUSES right away:
Small budget? This one is a must...
  • Jumpstart with your Facebook Ads strategy that maximizes your results even if you have a very small budget
  • Grow your list and get more sales without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads
  • Understanding when to scale up to the next level and how so you only invest more when you want to, without sacrifice.

    (VALUE $197)
Easiest way to get started...
  • Jumpstart Your Results by Learning the Foundations and Basics of Facebook Advertising 
  • Get a Clear Understanding of the Power Editor to Run High-Converting Ads Like Today’s Facebook Experts
  • Get Started By Running Your Rockin’ Ads In 7 Days Or Less (Even If You’re Brand New to Facebook Advertising)
  • (VALUE $97)
You're going to love this...
  • Done-for-You Plug & Play (and Profit) Templates for Creating Attention-Grabbing Headlines for your Facebook Ads AND Landing Pages so your Ads Sound Sexy even If you’re not a Copywriter
  • Cut Down The Time It Takes to Create Your Ads Out and Start Profiting Sooner
  • Used by Many Thought Leaders, Experts, and Facebook Pros Today
SHORT COPY TEMPLATES: 50 bullet-point templates
Not a good copywriter? Now you don't have to be!
  • Write persuasive short copy for bullet points, preheaders, and more to get people easily wanting to click to find out more!
  • You can use these for any of your ad copy, landing pages for freebies, for webinars, for sales pages, and much more!
  • 50 different fill-in-the-blank templates to choose from, so you can effortlessly write highly effective copy - even if you’re not a good writer!
Some Kind Words from Kamila's Clients & Students
"Since working with Kamila, we’ve been paying an average of $0.50 per lead with my ads (for a cold audience), across most ad campaigns! I always recommend Kamila to everyone, including my own clients."
- Cassie Howard, Business Coach
“I was hesitant about the price before but decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did. Kamila is great at developing effective fb ad campaigns and strategies. One of my campaigns had some of the best conversion rates I’ve ever seen - 25 cents per HOT qualified lead! My list grew from 1100 to 2400 in two months (One of my free opt-ins was downloaded 1130 times) and I had 400 people register for a free webinar to launch my course. She really knows her stuff and her strategies really gave me a peace of mind.”
- Michelle Maclean, Health Coach
"Because of Kamila's help with my FB ads, I was able to generate five figures in the pre-sale of my latest launch." 
- Halley Gray, Evolve & Succeed
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee Policy
I am SO confident you’re gonna get amazing results with this course, I am willing to offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This means, if you watch the trainings, do the work and you still don't see a shift in your business, we’ll give you your money back.
Let’s be real for a second.

You went into business so you could have freedom in your life. So why are you spending hours of your time on things that are not working? Do you really think that high 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs sit in front of their computer every day, hoping to get clients off of Facebook groups? NO. They don’t.

They use what’s available to them, set up the systems and use paid traffic to get more highly qualified leads their way so they can convert them into paying customers every single day.

You ARE good enough to have more ease in your business. You DO deserve to make your business more pleasurable. And this starts by using more of what you’re great at and LOVE doing, and less of the things that do nothing for your business growth.

If you really think that you can wait to have these things in place, think again. 

Where do you think you’re gonna be 6 months from now? What about next year? Without a traffic strategy and a lead generation strategy in place, do you honestly think you'll be able to reach your goals with ease? 

Listen, I’ve been there. I’ve hustled day in and day out to grow my list. Then I realized that letting Facebook do the work for me is NOT cheating, it’s called self-care. 

And you deserve it, my friend.

Let me help you.
Got Questions? We got answers!

When does the course start?
Here's the SUPER good news: the course materials (yes, the ENTIRE course) is available IMMEDIATELY after purchase! In fact, even if you join using the payment plan option, you'll get FULL access to the course right away so you can start digging in and running high performing Facebook Ads as soon as TODAY! On top of that, you also get IMMEDIATE access to all of the bonuses! Oh I know, SO much goodness! :-)
Can I go through it at my own pace or will I fall behind?
Another great thing about {Ad}mazing is that it's impossible to fall behind because this is a 100% self-study course. You get access to the full program right away, so you can set your own schedule for going through the materials. Whether you go one module per week schedule, or devour the entire 6 module course within the first week, that's a-ok with me. You're the boss! :-) 
Is {Ad}mazing right for my industry?
This course is right for online service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, and others entrepreneurs who are looking create growth online to have people join your email list and get more clients and customers. If you have an e-commerce business, this is probably not going to be right for you. 
I think I'm just gonna try to figure it out on my own first?
You go for it. Maybe you'll figure it out, but more than likely you won't. I'm not being cocky, I'm basing this statement on what I've heard from the hundreds of entrepreneurs I've spoken to in the last year about this stuff. If you try it yourself, the likely outcome is: you'll get overwhelmed, waste a bunch of money, and likely get some ads disapproved. And hopefully your ad account doesn't get shut down (it happens often!) in the process. Bottom line? You'll waste a lot more time, money, and energy on something that can bring you amazing results... once you know how to use it.
This sounds intense, maybe I should just hire a FB Ads Manager instead?
Unless you have a BIG ad budget, this just doesn't financially make sense. Most GOOD Facebook Ad experts charge $2,000 - $3,000 and UP per month. This is on TOP of your ad budget. So if you're planning on only spending $1,000 on ad budget, you're basically paying at least $3k-$4k just to get the ads managed. If you had a BIG bduget, say $5k, $10k, or $25k+, go ahead. It's easier to get an ROI on that. But if your budget is small? You're better doing it yourself, trust me. And please don't try hiring a random joe shmo who's cheaper. You'll lose money. I've had so many clients who came to me exasperated because their cheaper option for outsourcing got them shitty results. So they got no leads AND they lost money AND time. Yikes!
It's not the right time for me / I'm too busy / don't have the time.
Yeah I BET you don't have the time because you're doing a whole lot of other stuff you don't need to be doing. The whole point of this course is to show you how to use your time effectively, by utilizing automated systems - Facebook Ads - so you no longer have to spend hours on social media, blogging every week, or doing whatever other self-promotion you're currently doing. This will teach you the way to SCALE UP your business so you can BLOW UP online without all the BS. It's your shortcut to growth. And then? You'll have ALL the time in the world and you'll be using it on things you LOVE doing. That's why I created this program.
Why are you qualified to teach this stuff, Kamila?
Besides the fact that I've been an online marketing nerd & community manager pretty much since the age of 12? Well, let's see. I've worked in marketing agencies since the age of 22, leading social media departments and running Facebook Ad campaigns for companies of all shapes and sizes: from obscure super-niches like clergywear e-commerce stores, to big beauty brands you're probably using today, to six- and seven-figure coaches, and beyond. At the age of 24, I started my own marketing coaching company, where I've been working full-time with my own amazing clients who are 5-, 6-, and 7-figure entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to step it up and a big part of what we look at. I work with many niches: from business coaches, to health & wellness, to fashion, and local restaurants, I've seen what works across all industries. So straight up? I'm gonna deliver what you need to know in a way YOU need to know.
But you don't get it, Kamila, my business is different. This won't work for me.
I bet you it will. Did I mention I've worked like a LOT of various types of industries? But if you're not totally sure, shoot us an email. We're happy to chat and see if this is, indeed, a good solution for you. Pinky swear to be totally objective and tell you the whole truth. You can email us at with the subject line: "Course question" and I'll get back to you with answers!
I don't have anything to sell yet, but want to sell low-cost products. Is this a good fit for me?
If you're a blogger or personal brand or wantapreneur, totally! You have content, you know who you are in business (or want to be), this is a great way for you to get there sooner by building up an engaged community with less busywork and grind Then, once you're ready to start selling products, you will have that awesome community who loves you and it'll that much easier to sell more products - especially if your model will be based on low cost high volume - that's what Facebook ads will support you with as well. Would love to have you on board!
I have more questions about the course, how can I get ahold of you?
We want to make sure you make the best decision for you and your business. Simply shoot us an email to with the subject line "Course question" and we'll get back to you to answer any and all questions you may have ASAP! :) 
Enroll in {Ad}mazing Facebook Ads Course today and get instant access
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Just one payment of $997,
OR 3 monthly payments of $397.
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