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This special Success Bundle reveals what you need to know for 2020
"How to Run High-Converting Facebook Ads That Scale Up Your Business with more Ease & Flow"

Ready to profit with Facebook Ads?
But confused or frustrated with your results so far?

This is the next most logical step.
What You'll Get Inside This Success Bundle...
The "Grow with Facebook Ads" Masterclass Bundle contains trainings on how to create high-converting Facebook Ad campaigns strategically, so that they not only get noticed in your ideal customers' news feeds, but they actually get clicked on, and converted as a lead and eventually as a sale! This is the first step to understanding how to use Facebook Ads to get more results by spending LESS!

In this Masterclass Bundle, you will receive:
  • Achieve Success with Facebook Ads Masterclass 101 (Class - value $97) 

    This one-hour-long masterclass training will take you through the key steps you MUST take before you ever run any ads (and what most experts don't tell you!) so you can make sure each ad campaign you run ends up a success, as well as the foundations on how to understand Facebook Advertising even if you've never run any ads before, how to set them up properly, and how to manage them and understand that analytics even if you're not techy!
  • Bonus #1: How to Set Up High-Converting Facebook Ads, Step by Step (value $47)

    Most entrepreneurs are intimidated by setting up their Facebook ads, but also making sure they do it properly so they get the best results. In this tutorial, I break down exactly how to set up a high-converting Facebook Ad in the software, so all you have to do is just follow along, step by step, to success. 
  • Bonus #2: Step-by-Step Training on Creating Retargeting Ads with Ease and Flow (value $47)

    The secret to better and cheaper ads? Retargeting. Sadly most entrepreneurs never touch it because they are confused and overwhelmed by the techy sound of them. In this tutorial, I break down how to set up your Facebook Pixel, your Facebook Ad campaign, AND how to create a custom audience so you end up spending MUCH less per conversion than you would otherwise! THIS is the key to awesome ads. Now you'll be able to easily do it, too.
  • Bonus #3: 3 Things You Must Have Before Spending a CENT on FB Ads Ebook (value $27):

    Running Facebook Ads but your sales are still stagnant? Download this free ebook today to learn how to create highly-converting ad campaigns today. In This Ebook, You’ll Learn: My 3 secrets to running super effective FB ads, no matter your budget; How to get the best bang for your buck while creating rapid growth in your business using Facebook Ad; The crucial thing you need in place (no if’s or but’s around it) otherwise you’re putting thousands of dollars on the table.
  • Bonus #4: Swipe File of High-Converting Facebook Ads (value $27):

    Ads that perform super well are often ads that stand out in the news feed and do a great job of grabbing your ideal client's attention enough to click and convert. I've compiled a collection of great swipe worthy Facebook Ads you can gain inspiration from, so when you create and design your own ads, you never have to start from a blank page. These ads have been proven to work (plus, many of them are ads of my clients and I can tell you firsthand - they converted like GANGBUSTERS! I'm talking as low as $0.20 cents per lead, from a cold audience! Now, THAT'S sexy!
  • Bonus #5: Running Facebook Ads in "Tricky" Markets So You Don't Get Disapproved (value $47)

    Trying to run Ads but you keep getting rejected or disapproved by Facebook? I know how frustrating that can be, especially if all you really want is to actually HELP people! Thankfully, there are very specific things you can do to make sure your ads DO get approved even if they've gotten rejected before. This is perfect for you if you're in the weight loss niche, or love coaching, or business coaching, and have gotten your ads rejected in the past. These powerful tricks can help (but PLEASE, use them only for good!).
  • Bonus #6: Becoming a Pixel Rockstar (value $97)

    One of the most common questions I get is about the Facebook pixel. I felt this is a necessary training to add to the vault, so you are never confused about the Facebook pixel again: you can use it to your advantage, rocking out with effective ads, and lowering your ad spend by half or more! You'll understand how to get conversion for the LEAST amount of dollars using the Pixel.
Most importantly, you get everything you need to get started ROCKING with Facebook Ads....

And only right now, for less than a price of a business dinner!
Don't spend another dollar on Facebook Ads without the right strategy on doing it to MAXIMIZE your spend and get more RESULTS!
This Masterclass Bundle is a no BS collection of high-level trainings that will not only give you the #realtalk truth you need to know about what it takes to create high converting Facebook Ad campaigns...

... But also how to take it to the next level, cranking it up to grow your list by thousands in the process!

Now, doesn't that sound like EXACTLY what you want? 

Let's get you growing.
Get it now for just $97!
** value $292 ** 
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